I think the word “flake” might not be the correct word to describe these little bars. “Crunchy” would be an ok word, “chocolaty” is also fine, but “flaky” it is not. One might look at the name of this bar and imagine that it's like a Cadbury Flake bar, but with crispy bits in the middle (this is not a bad idea Cadbury). The chocolate of the Flaki doesn't have any kind of flaky consistency at all, it’s too dense and doesn't break apart like the British Flake bar.

The strange look of this bar looks less like a design choice and more like it might come from air bubble that rest on the top of the chocolate bar mould when it is poured. When you bite further into the bar, you'll realise it's just a simple dense chocolate bar with little rice crisps. This really doesn’t make it feel flaky at all, and makes it look like it was some kind of defect instead of being something special. If the bar had some kind of original texture I might think differently, but it’s just plain old chocolate with crisps.

It's not that this bar is that bad though. I mean the chocolate is pretty average, and the addition of rice crisps is standard, but it's still a fairly tasty bar. I just don't think it's at all as flaky as the name of the package makes one believe. Maybe that’s why they spelled flaky with an “i”.