November 2023






Uranai Choco


I don’t really understand this candy. It’s not that I don’t understand what this candy is, that’s actually really simple. Inside the pill like bubble package are tiny little spheres of chocolate with a candy coating. The candy coating is pretty thick making these fairly crunchy. The chocolate has a decent enough cocoa flavour, but I wouldn’t say that the chocolate is a super high quality. When you bite into it, it almost has the same texture as the candy shell.

The part I don’t understand about this candy is reason it’s packaged the way it is. Other than being slightly satisfying to pop a candy out of a blister pack, there’s nothing fun about these. They are really round, but that isn’t really an advantage. Instead the round shape and slight challenge removing them from the package makes it very easy to lose one of these under your couch while you’re trying to write a review. The colours are also completely for aesthetics as they don’t seem to have different flavours.

It could be that there’s some other way to eat these, other than popping them out of the package. Maybe there’s some kind of dispenser that I’ve never seen. It could be that it’s themed to some strange anime (they’re from Japan) that I don’t know about. Maybe kids in Japan like to play doctor, and these are fun pills for them to take. I should also mention that there is writing all over this package, each candy even has a word or two below each one, and it looks like different words for each.

I really don’t know what’s going on, but objectively as a candy they’re okay, but not really that interesting. The true interest for me comes from my lack of understanding about what’s going on.