October 2023

Jelly Belly "Candy Corn"

Jelly Belly

Has Jelly Belly been making candy corn for a long time, is it something they’re famous for? I ask because the package seems to imply that this is a regular thing and they’ve been making candy corn for more than 100 years. While I’m certain that Jelly Belly has been around for a very long time, I didn’t know that they made candy corn. I also didn’t realize that they were well known for making candy corn. As you might expect, I always thought of Jelly Belly as a jelly bean company.

When I first saw this package I assumed that they were jelly beans. I figured that it was some kind of Jelly Belly combination that tasted like candy corn. After looking over the package and seeing that they were candy corn shaped, I assumed that maybe it was some kind of jelly bean, candy corn hybrid. Maybe they have an outer shell and shape of candy corn with a jelly bean centre. As it turns out, they’re just candy corn, nothing else. It’s good enough candy corn, but nothing that special. I feel like they’re a little bit smaller than some of the other candy corns I’ve tasted before.

I guess these are unique because they’re made by a company that normally only makes jelly beans. So from the standpoint that these are made by Jelly Belly they’re very interesting. They might also have some historical context, if Jelly Belly has been making them for over 100 years. Objectively however, they’re just slightly smaller candy corns and nothing particularly special.