October 2021







Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum "Berry Blue"

Ford Gum

I’m not sure I totally understand the concept of the flavour of this gum. It’s called “Berry Blue”, but it’s made up of more than just blueberries. Sure the blackberry on the package is probably just a really dark blue berry, but the raspberry is not blue at all. I’ve had a few years to try and figure out why raspberries are often associated with blue and frankly I can never really figure it out. My only idea is that maybe back in the days when fake flavours where getting their colours, raspberries where too fancy to make in to a fake flavour lineup. By the time raspberries entered the sweet treat world all shades of red were already taken.

If we agree that Berry Blue is just a combination of berries that we often associate with the colour blue, then this gum is a great success. Most interesting is the fact that the flavour really works as a Jelly Belly. Sometimes when candy companies put out different types of treats with their popular flavours, it doesn’t really feel like there’s any connection with the original. I can’t explain why, but for some reason I felt like this Berry Blue flavour really tasted like a Jelly Belly. I think it’s safe to say that Jelly Belly has really mastered the fun flavour, and this gum just fits perfectly with that.

I can’t remember ever having tasted a Berry Blue Jelly Belly, but I feel like it would taste exactly the same as this gum. Best of all I think I would very much like to eat a mouthful of Berry Blue Jelly Bellies, because I really enjoyed chewing on this gum. While I don’t know if I could actually pick out the berries that made up the gum on flavour alone, for some reason it just tasted very much like a berry.

I also feel like the texture of this gum lends itself well to working with a Jelly Belly. After all a Jelly Belly (or jellybean) is a soft, chewy candy with a hard candy shell. These little squares of gum are also chewy in the middle and have a hard candy shell. I really felt like the spirit of the Jelly Belly was in this gum.