October 2021









Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum "Watermelon"

Ford Gum

How you feel about this Jelly Belly watermelon flavoured gum depends greatly on your opinion of fake watermelon flavours. I’m not really a big fan of fake watermelon, so I didn’t really like the flavour of this gum either. Having said that I found that this gum taught me something about fake watermelon flavours. While it didn’t change my mind about how I felt, it did allow me to really taste fake watermelon without wanting to spit it out.

Most of the time when I eat fake watermelon flavoured candy, I find that the fake flavour is very overpowering. In the worst cases I find the flavour can be so overpowering that I actually get a bit of a headache eating it. On the other end of the spectrum I’ve tasted a few fake watermelon candies that hardly had any flavour at all, or sometimes they’re blended with other flavours and I can hardly taste the fake watermelon. While I prefer these, it’s only because I personally don’t like fake watermelon. This gum on the other hand fit beautifully between these two extremes. It has a very certain fake watermelon flavour, particularly when you first bite down on it. However, after a few chews the flavour mellows a bit.

The flavour mellows enough that it actually gets kind of comfortable. While I still don’t think I “like” it, it doesn’t give me a headache or anything. What this allowed me to do for the first time is actually chew on some fake watermelon gum and think about what it is that I don’t like about it. My initial reaction was that it just doesn’t taste like watermelon at all. But after a while I realized that it does actually have a tiny bit of a watermelon flavour, but more like the rind of the watermelon as opposed to the sweet centre bit. This is something I’ve never really thought of before, mostly because in the past I’ve either found the flavour to be too intense or far too weak.

I don’t want to tell not to get this gum, in fact if you’re a fan of fake watermelon flavours I would highly recommend it. I might also recommend that anyone who’s on the fence about fake watermelon flavours try this gum. I feel like it’s a really great subtle flavour that doesn’t blow your socks off, but also makes sure you really know what you’re eating.