December 2021

Jelly Belly "Holiday Favorites"

Jelly Belly

In each box you get 5 different flavours of Jelly Belly, each a holiday flavour. There’s pumpkin pie, eggnog, cranberry sauce, hot chocolate and candy cane. In a nutshell 2 of these flavours are weird and the other 3 are pretty spot on to what they’re supposed to taste like. The 2 weird flavour still kind of taste like what they’re supposed to taste like, it’s just that it’s not a great flavour for a chewy jelly bean.

The most average of the flavours is the hot chocolate. It tastes like chocolate, but not really like any kind of specific chocolate. If you gave me this bean in the middle of summer and didn’t tell me what it was called, I would just say that it’s chocolate. The candy cane is very powerful, after eating it I had to wait a few seconds for the intense peppermint flavour to die down. I might even argue that it’s a little too powerful compared to the other flavours in this box. The cranberry was the surprise flavour of the group, it not only tasted exactly like cranberry sauce, but it was really tasty as well. Of all the flavours, this is the one I’d most like to see as a year round treat.

The weird flavours eggnog and pumpkin pie didn’t disappoint, they’re just weird. The only thing that made either of these taste like the thing they’re representing is the spices. If they just tasted like the spices then you could argue that they’re not authentic. The problem is the egg and the pumpkin part of the flavour tastes a little weird. Both the egg and the pumpkin tastes a little soapy if I had to find a way to describe them.

For a final bite I decided to take one of each flavour bean and eat them together. This is where I learned that the candy cane bean is way too powerful. With all 5 beans in my mouth, the only flavour I could really make out was peppermint. There might be a slight chocolate hint at the end, but mostly just peppermint.