Jelly Belly "Spring Mix"

Jelly Belly

So, the way I see this assortment of jelly beans, is that this is what spring tastes like to the folks at Jelly Belly. I can't say that I'm not a little apprehensive; after all these guys did make the worst tasting jelly bean I've ever tasted (vomit). So, I'm a little concerned that I'll pour a few of these into my mouth and realise that it tastes a little like my garden does right now. I’m thinking compost, cut grass, and flowers (at least one of these is a flavour that they offer).

I hoping the point of these is that the mix in this bottle creates the felling of spring in your mouth (hopefully not literally). Since I can't eat the whole bottle in one mouthful, I'll examine each mouthful separately. The first mouthful was kind of citrusy at first but then it got a little flower like (it tasted like perfume), something I’m not a big fan of. It could possibly be a fake melon flavour that didn't mix well with the other Jelly Bellies, or it could have been a flower flavoured jelly bean.

My second mouthful was much larger; I wanted to get the full range. It started off with a bit of a sour flavour then it blended nicely into a citrus type flavour again, not too bad. But wait, there's more, that melon perfume flavour returned slightly and really didn't work for me.

I guess what I'm saying is the flavours at first are a nice blend, but after a few chews there's this new flavour that overpowers and just ruins the whole thing. The bottle that it comes in is a little difficult to poor out the Jelly Bellies too, but that's a good thing because it forces you to enjoy the mix and doesn't allow you to be choosy.