Jolly Rancher "Green Apple"

Jolly Rancher

This might be the first time I’ve ever eaten a Green Apple Jolly Rancher. I’ve tasted a few other flavours of Jolly Rancher in the past, and I think that’s what’s made me nervous about this one. In general I’m not a big fan of apple flavoured candies, even more so sour apple candies. What made me nervous is that all of the other Jolly Rancher candies I’ve tried have fairly bold flavours. My assumption was that this was not only going to be a gross apple flavour, but it was going to be a really powerful apple flavour. While I wasn’t totally wrong about this, something strange happened.

The strange thing that happened is that I didn’t mind this candy at all. I really wasn’t expecting to even tolerate this candy let alone not mind it. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m presented with a bowl full of Jolly Ranchers, I’ll never pick the Green Apple one. In fact, if I was presented with a bowl filled with nothing but Green Apple Jolly Ranchers I’d likely just skip it. However, if for some reason I accidentally ate a Green Apple Jolly Rancher, I wouldn’t spit it out. All of this makes me wonder, am I starting to like apple flavoured candies, or has Jolly Rancher started to crack the code of this normally not great tasting candy. They certainly didn’t take the chickens' way out and make the flavour really weak either.

This is all confusing for me, I don’t know how to feel about these green apple Jolly Ranchers. Should I try more apple flavoured candies and see if my tastes have changed? Should I try another Green Apple Jolly Rancher? All I can say right now is I’m much more impressed with this candy than I thought I would be writing this review.