Jolly Ranchers Fruit Chews


Before I even try these Fruit Chews, I have to tell you that there’s a problem, and it has to do with the flavour selection. I'm not a big fan of three synthetic candy flavours (banana, apple and watermelon), for the most part. Sometimes I'm surprised, but for the most part I'm not. So, checking out the package, I noticed there are only three flavours; cherry, apple and watermelon. We’ll check each one out and see how they rank.

Watermelon: The taste is subtle with just a hint of the watermelon flavour, that's probably why I didn't mind this chew that much. The aftertaste is a little melon like as well. The subtle flavour does have that fake watermelon flavour that I just can't figure out how this flavour could be considered watermelon at all.

Apple: Fake apple, that's what it tastes like. This one is very similar to the watermelon, not bad, but only because the flavour isn't that strong and it doesn't last. If you were to dial up the flavour, I probably would have spit it out, but as is it’s manageable.

Cherry: The flavour I was looking forward to, and all the comments are the same as above. The flavour isn't as strong as I expected from a "Jolly Rancher" product but in this case, I wish it was. Cherry "Jolly Ranchers" are great and so is this candy for about 5 seconds.

Jolly Rancher is famous for having great bold flavours. These are not really a great representation of that, except the flavour of the cherry is pretty good. I would like to see these amped up a bit flavour wise, and maybe with a bit more diversity as well.