K - Africa - Pieces


K Hagag

Taste: .5

Texture: 1

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

February 22 2009

I have to be honest about this treat; I've been told scary stories about it. I look at the package and I figure that the only thing that might be scary is the fact that it's just another pack of chocolate covered peanuts. The fact that it has what I understand might be Arabic writing all over it intrigues me but the English and the photo art basically tell me that I'm about to eat chocolate covered peanuts and that really doesn't excite me that much, but we shall see.

Hmmm, I have one fundamental problem with these; I basically couldn't find anything of any chocolate type flavour or texture. Maybe it's the fact that it tastes a little burnt so therefore may seem like a dark chocolate flavour. The texture is more like a candy coated chocolate covered peanut with nothing soft or smooth about it at all.

The peanuts were ok at first; in fact they dominated the flavours for a little while. Then this kind of burnt like flavour took over. So basically as you eat this treat, it's not great, but it's not a nightmare. However things do change. The aftertaste is really strange, and not in a good way. It tastes a little metallic and a little burnt all at the same time. It's kind of what I might expect one of those pots that they melt steel in a foundry to taste like. The good news is the after taste is kind of subtle the bad news is it seems to linger.