Kandy Kookies

Kimmie Candy

The folks at Kimmie’s Candy are building a reputation on finding strange things to cover in chocolate with a candy shell, and this is no exception. This is something that I’m surprised more candy companies aren’t doing. There are so many things one could cover with chocolate and a candy coating, yet we keep seeing the same things over and over again. It’s not that I don’t like just chocolate, or chocolate and peanuts with a candy coating, I just like the idea of there being more options out there.

When I first saw these treats, I figured I was in for a cookie-dough centre, but I guessed wrong. What is actually inside this treat is fully baked, crunchy cookie. Yep, these are little cookie bits covered in chocolate with a candy shell, and I like them. The cookie is nothing that special, and it doesn’t really matter. You could have easily ruined this treat with overly flavoured cookie center, but instead they let the chocolate and candy coating work with the simple cookie. Something like an Oreo cookie or an oatmeal cookie might have over powered, but a simple cookie blends in perfectly.

My only real complaint is the chocolate, it could use a little thicker chocolate coating. All in all, I like to see candy companies try something new, it's even better when it works.