October 2023






Karl Fazer Crunchy "Caramel & Nougat"


I was fairly certain that I was going to enjoy this bar, but I didn’t know how much. For those unfamiliar, Karl Fazer (or sometimes just Fazer) is a chocolate maker from Finland that I would rank as one of the best mass produced chocolate brands in the world. The true brilliance of this brand is the high quality of the chocolate. One of my favourite treats from them is known as Fazer Blue, and it’s simply just a bar of milk chocolate. When I saw this bar I was certain it would be good, but since Fazer is a well known chocolate company, I was curious about how well they would manage a bar that was more other ingredients and less chocolate.

It turns out they do it really well. The most unique thing about this bar is how all of the flavours are layered. When you bite into the bar, the first flavour you get is a combination of the crunchy balls and chocolate. While this might seem simple, it was extraordinarily unique. The chocolate was the high quality I was expecting from Fazer, and the crunchy balls were really fascinating. They had a really toasty flavour that balanced so well with the smooth chocolate. After a few chews the chocolate and toasty flavour disappeared and the caramel and nougat hit.

There was still more chocolate flavour happening but the nougat and caramel added a wonderful sweet boost. I would say that the nougat and caramel work as a team in this case, as I couldn’t really separate the two flavour and texture wise. Together they bonded and created a wonderful unique chewy flavour.

This is a very good bar. It’s true that the amazing Fazer chocolate is diluted with ingredients, but these ingredients work well with the chocolate, and each other to make a really tasty treat.