Misa "Mustard and Ketchup Chips"


These chips offer something pretty interesting. Not only do they offer two different flavours of chips in one bag, but each flavour also comes in both ruffled and regular form. While I can't say that this is the perfect snack, it is the perfect opportunity to find out which flavour, mustard or ketchup, and which style, ruffled or regular of chip is best.

When I bought this bag and thought about this competition, I was hoping for a difficult choice. I wanted to taste each chip, each being the best representation of its flavour and style. Unfortunately, one particular aspect of these chips fell very short, and that instantly made the competition very one sided. The ketchup chips were far less tasty than the mustard. I can safely say that these ketchup chips fell well short of every other ketchup chip I've ever tried before. Instantly there is an imbalance. The great surprise however was how much I really liked the mustard chips. The mustard chips had a slightly hot mustard flavour, but without the overly spicy kick. I'm wondering if they chose to cut back on the ketchup flavour to balance with the mustard flavour. If they did, frankly I don't think it worked.

The other peculiar thing was the difference between the regular and ruffled chips. I've been led to believe that ruffled chips could hold more flavour in their ridges. But in this case the regular chips were much more flavourful, particularly with the mustard chips. It seemed like the ruffle chips were improperly seasoned, rather than them being an inferior chip design.

These chips are fine if you're looking for a flavour experiment, however the disappointing flavour of the ketchup chips makes it a fairly unbalanced experiment. I would have been much happier with a bag of mustard chips instead.