October 2023





Kex Choklad


I really have a love/hate relationship with wafer based candy bars. It seems like there’s no middle ground when it comes to this kind of treat, I either love them or hate them. Fortunately I don’t hate this bar, and it fits firmly into the love category. I picked up this bar in Sweden, and from what I can tell it’s very popular. Considering this country has a great selection of milk chocolate bars including Marabou and Fazer (made in Finland but available all over Sweden), for a bar to be popular it must have something going for it.

I would say that the main thing this bar has is high quality chocolate. Some of you chocolate purists out there might argue that milk chocolate is never great chocolate, but I disagree. This bar is a great example of how milk chocolate can add a little cocoa and some creaminess to make a good treat. The wafers are also pretty good. They don’t add too much flavour wise, but they don’t takeaway from the chocolate either. I might argue that the chocolate to wafer ration is a little off, with just a bit too much water, but because the ingredients are so good it doesn’t ruin the bar.

As an additional note, I should mention that when I bought this bar, the folks that make Kex where running some kind of campaign where they would put Swedish expressions/sayings on the package. Apparently mine says “hugs to you”, so at least it’s a positive message. It seems to work well with this bar as it’s a very simple and comfortable treat, much like a hug.