King De Gelimiteerde Koningsmunt

Cloetta Holland BV

The story behind these mints is far more interesting than the mints themselves. These mints are special edition orange flavoured mints to celebrate Kings day in the Netherlands. Only five hundred thousand packs of these mints were made, and once they sell out, that's it. If you're not familiar with the Dutch royal family, the reason why they made orange flavoured mints is because the last name of the royal family in the Netherlands is "Orange". You can imagine this makes for a perfect marketing scheme to celebrate the King, since all you have to do is colour something orange or give it an orange flavour, and instantly you have something patriotic. Ironically, I'm pretty sure that oranges don't grow anywhere in the Netherlands, so some of this patriotism is imported.

As a candy, these mints are fairly disappointing. It's not that they taste particularly bad; they're just nothing that special. Personally, I've never been a huge fan of orange flavoured mints as it is. I'm not really sure why anybody would want to combine orange and mint together, if you need more proof eat an orange right after brushing your teeth. The thing that makes these mints somewhat none offensive is the fact that the orange flavour is almost non-existent. While this helps the flavour of the mints in my opinion, it completely ruins the whole point of having a mint to celebrate the Dutch royal family.

The texture of the mints is your classic chalky mint. These are the kinds of mints that I can eat one or two, but after about the third I need a break. This chalky texture just coats your mouth in the strangest way after eating too many. It leaves me needing a big glass of water to wash the texture out.

While these mints are rare, I'm not really sure how well they really celebrate the royal family of the Netherlands. They may freshen your breath, but there's nothing "Orange" about these.