Kisses "Hot Cocoa"


I’m not sure I really understand this treat. There’s a regular chocolate Hershey’s Kiss, but in this case it’s filled with what appears to be some kind of white filling. With all of the marshmallows on the package, my first assumption was that the filling was going to be marshmallow. This kind of made sense thematically, but I feel like a marshmallow filled Kiss would probably be more of a s’mores theme than hot cocoa. This isn’t really relevant either way since the texture of the filling is not very marshmallow like at all. I would describe it as more of a white chocolate filling, maybe a little bit extra creamy. My other guess at this point would be to say that the creamy white chocolate centre is supposed to represent the milk that people often use to make their hot cocoa. If this is the case, then what’s with all the marshmallows on the package, and why aren’t there any representations of marshmallows in the candy.

Objectively these are tasty Hershey’s Kisses. I like the creamy centre, and while I feel like it may not make it particularly hot cocoa like, it does make them a little extra creamy. I’m not sure if it’s this particular Hershey’s Kiss, or if Hershey’s has been upping their game, but for some reason I feel like the chocolate is a little higher quality as well. In the past I’ve had some Kisses that just seemed kind of gritty and not very smooth. These on the other hand were nice and smooth and very creamy. I wouldn’t call them the highest quality chocolate on the market, or even in North America, but I did enjoy them.

The theme of this treat is a little off to me. I feel like if you wanted to have a real Hershe’s Kiss hot cocoa experience the best thing to do would be to warm up some milk and melt a few kisses in them. Then add all the marshmallows you want. Maybe the idea is that these particular Kisses might work better for hot cocoa, but I feel like the regular Kisses would work just as well.