Kisses "Sugar Cookie"


Cookies and Hershey's kisses have a pretty good relationship, after all, Hershey’s Kisses are really just giant chocolate chips (a perfect match with cookies). This fact made me pretty optimistic about trying these sugar cookie themed Kisses out. If I had to point out one fault from these Kisses, it's really a minor thing, and that's the type of chocolate they chose to use. I wouldn't say that I felt like the white chocolate ruined these, but I would like to try them with milk chocolate to compare. I'm not totally convinced that white chocolate is the best choice from a taste perspective, but visually it makes sense.

The white chocolate makes sense because of a brilliant idea someone had at Hershey's of making the cookie bits green and red. I don't think the colour adds anything taste wise, but it really makes these feel a little more festive. While the colour of the cookie bits doesn’t seem to affect anything, the flavour and texture of these Kisses are greatly improved by these cookie bits. The size of the little balls of cookie are perfectly balanced with the number of little balls in each Kiss. You're never overwhelmed with cookie, and you never get a bite without some. I'm not sure if the chocolate was flavoured with sugar cookie, or just the cookie bits, but the flavour of sugar cookie is unmistakable. This could be why Hershey's decided to go with a subtle flavoured white chocolate, to let the cookie flavour shine a bit more.

To sum up, I liked these Kisses. They not only felt like Hershey’s Kisses, but they certainly had sugar cookie in them as well. It's a no brainer to mix cookies with Hershey's Kisses, but it can be done poorly. These sugar cookie themed Kisses managed to balance the texture of both treats very well, and also bring in a little Christmas cheer with the fun colours.