Kit Kat "Apple"


In yet another attempt to freak me out Kit Kat presents the Kit Kat Apple. I'm pretty sure they don't do it to just freak me out, my ego's not that big, but I'm not really sure why they did this one at all. It would be cool if the folks at Nestle had it out for me, and they created a bunch of Kit Kat's that they knew I wouldn't like. I say this because I really like classic candy combinations, and creating a chocolate bar that I didn’t like would mean they would have to be really creative and outside the box. So, then I’d be really happy to try this crazy candy bar, even if I didn’t like it. If for some reason one of the executives at Nestle is reading this and it hits them to try to create a bar that I wouldn’t like at all, I suggest you go in the coriander direction. I promise if that comes out I will review it and I will most likely hate it.

So, what's the deal with this Apple Kit Kat? At first bite it has a relatively strong fake apple flavour. Fake apple is on my list of not so great fake flavours. So, at first bite I'm not really a big fan. The flavour however seems to die out pretty quick and you're left with that nice standard Kit Kat flavour and texture. After eating it the apple does linger a little in the mouth, so I'm not too happy about that, but I guess if you like the fake apple flavour you might enjoy these more than I do.

I'm not convinced the folks at Nestle are going crazy with the creation of this bar, it just feels like another attempt to make something weird for weird sake.