Kit Kat "Vanilla Ice Cream"


This might rank as the most creative variant in Kit Kat history. It's creative not in its flavour, but in the way you're instructed to eat them. According to the instructions on the back, you're supposed to bake these Kit Kat bars. The only thing that stood in my way was the fact that the package was written in Japanese, with no English in sight. So, I wasn’t totally sure how I was supposed to bake them. Fortunately, Allison was able to translate part of the package, so I had a few clues towards how I was going to cook my Kit Kat bars (that sounds weird right?). According to her instruction you had to put your oven to 180 degrees and cook them for a few minutes.

There was also some instructions that called for a refrigerator or freezer, but we couldn't figure that out. To be safe, I put a couple of bars in the fridge the night before baking them. The idea was to have two bars from the fridge, and two at room temperature. After they were done baking (about 5 minutes) I took one of the pre-chilled bars and one of the room temperature bars and put them in the freezer to cool. I figured this would cover all of my bases. But before eating any of the baked Kit Kats, I thought I would try one of these bars on its own.

Unbaked these are basically vanilla Kit Kat bars, and nothing more. They weren't bad by any means, but they weren't that unique either. I don't really understand the ice cream connection; I just assume it was a gimmick that I don't understand. At this point this bar didn't show any promise of being anything special at all, but it wasn’t that bad either.

Then came the baked bars. The first thing I learned is that the message on the package about chilling, is about cooling the bars off after you pull them out of the oven. You still want them to be warm, however straight out of the oven might be a little too much for most people. The two bars that I put in the freezer for a few minutes were much easier to handle and eat. As far as chilling them ahead of time, I really didn’t notice that much of a difference.

The amazing thing about this bar is the fact that it didn't turn into a pile of melted chocolate goo. Instead the chocolate coating hardened into a cookie like coating. The cookie coating tasted just like vanilla shortbread. This treat turns from a blah, vanilla Kit Kat bar, to a mind-blowing warm shortbread cookie treat, while still retaining some of the features of a Kit Kat. I was fairly skeptical of this oven baked Kit Kat idea, but after a single bite I was turned around.

Everything about this bar is great, it's fun, and it tastes great. If I was to find flaws (and they’re little ones) I would say that the baked Kit Kat bars are a little dry. The second flaw is the idea that it might not appeal to people who are kind of lazy. If you can't give these the time they need to bake, they're not really worth trying out.