Kit Kat "British"


If you want to know what makes for a perfect candy bar, it’s right here. There’s nothing I can find about this bar that isn’t perfect. Some might argue that it’s not very original, but I disagree. The British Kit Kat bar was original in its time. Best of all this bar has had time to evolve, to turn into the perfect blend of wafers, chocolate and cream (that stuff between the wafers). Since its creation in the city of York this bar has slowly turned into the perfect treat.

You may be wondering why this version is better than the Kit Kat bars in the other parts of the world, and there are two answers. First of all, the chocolate is of a superior quality to many other Kit Kat bars. In other countries the chocolate seems to be less smooth and not as tasty. In some places the difference in the quality of chocolate is very minor, but it’s there. To create a bar with the perfect balance you also have to have the highest quality of ingredients. This Kit Kat has it all.

The second reason comes from the history of this treat. This bar was created in England, so when you eat a British Kit Kat bar, you’re tasting candy history. The bars are still made in York in a factory on the outskirts of the city where they were first created. There’s something nice about eating a candy with a bit of history.

People always ask me what is my favourite candy, and I have two. The first is something new, something creative, something I’ve never tried. The second is the British Kit Kat bar.