Kit Kat "Caramel Pudding"


This isn’t that bad, it’s not as great as it could be, but I enjoyed it enough. The problem with this bar is that there are two aspects of real caramel pudding that make it something special. The first thing is the caramel, and in that area this bar does it fine. It has a nice caramel flavour that hits you pretty early on. It lasts for the duration of the entire bar, and makes this bar a little something more than a basic white chocolate Kit Kat. The second aspect of caramel pudding that makes it special is the wobbly texture. This is where this bar fails entirely, but I guess that’s not surprising. You can’t really expect Kit Kat to make wobbling bars, can you?

Maybe you can, after all Nestle somehow invented a Kit Kat bar that magically turns into a cookie when you put it into an over, why not engineer a bar that comes out of the refrigerator wobbly? I’m setting the bar pretty high for Nestle, but they’ve done some amazing things with the Kit Kat bar in the past. If you could make a wobbly bar, the other step would be to eliminate the caramel flavour and just add a layer of real caramel to the top. That would be one popular Kit Kat bar, and I think it would fly off the shelves.

This is a fine bar, it’s well worth trying and a good representation of Japanese caramel pudding. Sure, it would be neat to try and work in the wobbly texture, but that might take this bar somewhere a little too weird for most people. Maybe a simpler option might be to make a Kit Kat flavoured Japanese pudding and sell it in the dairy case. That might work as well, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already been done.