Kit Kat Chunky "Caramel"


Although I have to say that I liked this variation of the Kit Kat bar, there is one major detail that was really wrong. It wasn't wrong because it didn't taste good, or because of any texture problems. The problem was in the packaging, particularly the words used on the package. The problem is in the choice to use the word “caramel” on the package. If you buy this bar, be warned, there is no “caramel” at all to be found in it. What you get instead is a caramel flavoured fudge.

As I said before, this isn't really a big problem for me in the taste and texture department. The fudge was really smooth and worked very well with the chocolate and the wafers. The flavour was subtle enough to blend in with the chocolate and wafer without overpowering. Since we already know that Kit Kat is one of the most balanced bars on the market, this minor addition was OK.

In hindsight I'm kind of glad it wasn't real caramel. I'd worry that a real caramel’s flavour might overpower the subtle flavour balance of the Kit Kat bar. I also might worry that a real caramel might drip all over the place creating a serious mess. I guess this bar is fine, you just have to be prepared for the filling before you bite into it.