Kit Kat Chunky "Choc Fudge Sundae"


When I first saw this bar, I assumed it was a gimmick. I couldn’t figure out how they could make a chocolate bar taste like an ice cream sundae. The thing about sundaes is there's so many layers of taste and texture that makes them work. I thought that the only way to make this idea work would be to create a frozen Kit Kat treat, but I was wrong.

From the first bite till the last, my mind was changed on the subject. Sure, it’s missing a few of the texture elements of a chocolate fudge sundae, in particular the cold, milky texture of the ice cream. The thing is, they got the flavour down so well that you don’t really care. The trick of how this bar pulled this off is in two parts. First of all, the thin layer of cream and the thin layer of gooey chocolate fudge sauce are perfectly balanced. Flavour wise they blend in with the milk chocolate on the outside perfectly creating a creamy yet chocolaty blend. The second trick was a surprise to me, it was the wafers. I didn’t think about how well the wafers would work in this bar. I thought they would just be there to remind me that I’m eating a Kit Kat bar. Instead the wafers actually worked really well with the chocolate fudge sundae flavours. It made me feel like I was eating this ice cream treat out of a waffle cone cup.

I really didn’t expect to like this bar this much. I thought at most it would be a weird novelty that might be okay, but it’s more than that. This is not only a chocolate fudge sundae candy bar, it’s objectively a good candy bar. The theme worked well enough that I’m convinced that had I tasted this bar without knowing the flavour, I would have guessed chocolate fudge sundae. The bar itself was so yummy that I regret not purchasing a few more of these.