Kit Kat Chunky "Peanut Butter"


Is this a new variety of Kit Kat bar, or did I just miss out on the peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky when it first came out? I ask this because after all of the years and all of the Kit Kat variations that are out there, you’d think peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky would have been out already. You certainly don’t go with a wasabi flavour before you try peanut butter in a candy bar. I even had to go over my old reviews just to make sure I hadn’t already reviewed this bar, and it’s not there. So, either I missed the boat on this bar when it first came out, or the folks at Kit Kat missed out on an obvious idea.

As for how this bar worked out, it was fairly pleasant but a little different that what I expected. The flavour balance between the peanut butter and Kit Kat was fairly good. I’d say that the flavour of the Kit Kat bar was a little stronger, but that’s because of one important detail, there wasn’t any real peanut butter to speak of in this bar. If there was, it was very subtle, likely the cream between the wafers might have been peanut butter flavoured, and that’s it. Texture wise this bar is totally Kit Kat, with not trace of smooth or crunchy peanut butter to be found. I was expecting the top third or more to be a solid layer of peanut butter, but it was not.

I think this was an interesting choice, to make a Kit Kat that only has a slight peanut butter component. It was truly a Kit Kat bar with peanut butter as a subtle note. The peanut butter was not the star of this treat, it was an accent. If you’re a peanut butter fanatic, this bar is going to disappoint. While I do like peanut butter, I kind of like the subtle flavour of this bar too.