Kit Kat "Coconut"


There are a few problems with this bar, but there are also some really fine points about this bar as well. I'm actually a little torn about how I should feel about this Kit Kat bar. If you've read any of my reviews from the past with coconut-based treats, you'd know that I generally don't like them. The thing I generally don't like about coconut-based treats is that they often make coconut the main ingredient. I'm a firm believer that you can have too much coconut, but I am of the opinion that coconut can be fine in small doses. That's where this bar actually impressed me. While it certainly is coconut, it wasn't the main focus. The smell of the bar is certainly coconut, but the flavour is much milder, and there's a bit of a coconut aftertaste.

So, while I generally don't go for coconut treats, this one wasn't that bad. The problem I have with this treat however is that there's a small amount of misdirection on the package. If you look at the package, you'd assume that this bar is a Kit Kat bar with two wafers, filled with a fairly thick layer of coconut cream. This is not the case at all. The number of wafers in this bar are exactly the same as a regular Kit Kat, and the cream layers are also the same thickness as a regular Kit Kat bar only coconut. The package is pretty much lying. While I'm happy about how this bar worked out, I'm not that happy that they lie to people on the package.

It's also worth noting that this Kit Kat is a little strange. Rather than being two or three long fingers in this package, there were actually five short fingers going horizontally. It makes this bar easy to share but is also a little odd for a Kit Kat bar.

In general, I didn't mind this bar, it has a nice subtle coconut cream between the wafers. There doesn't appear to be any real coconut, and the flavour is fairly mild. If you love coconut, or if you're enticed by the package, you might be disappointed. If you're like me, and you like your coconut in moderation, this bar might be okay to try.