Kit Kat "Cookie Crumble"


So that’s the way the cookie crumbles... this sentence has nothing to do or say about this particular Kit Kat bar. I’ve just always wanted to use that cliché in a review about cookies. This candy bar is a little more complicated to review, or maybe it’s simpler. Let me just start off with describing this bar. You start with a standard Kit Kat bar, then add a little more chocolate on the top, and possibly remove one wafer from the top as well. In this slightly thicker chocolate on the top, add a random smattering of crunchy chocolate cookies. That’s it, it's both simple as an addition, but more complicated as a Kit Kat bar.

The bar is pretty simple, deciding if this cookie and chocolate layer on the top is an improvement or not is where it gets more complicated. I would describe the amount of cookie bits to be fine, and the texture of the cookie bits to be crunchy. I’m not convinced that these cookie bits improved the Kit Kat bar, but it also didn’t ruin it either. The cookie texture was obvious, but the flavour was not. It’s hard to say if more cookie would have been better flavour wise, because I don’t really know how the chocolate cookie tasted. Texture wise this Kit Kat “Cookie Crumble” was fine but might have been more interesting if it was a solid layer of cookie on the top instead of broken bits of cookie.

I guess what I’m saying is the bar is fine, it’s not better than a classic Kit Kat and it’s not as creative as some of the other Kit Kat bars available on the market. It’s a fine bar with a slightly boring concept. It works, but it leaves me wondering if it could have worked better