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Kit Kat "Cookies"


Taste: 5

Texture: 5

Novelty: 3

All scores out of 5

July 22 2009

So here's the concept of this particular treat. Take a Kit Kat bar; now take away one layer of wafer cookie and one layer of that icing stuff between the wafer cookies. Now replace the stuff you took away with a tiny thin cookie. I can't really imagine this being a bad idea; on the other hand I also can't imagine it really changing the bar that much.

The thing is it really doesn't change the bar that much. The wafer in my opinion already is a form of cookie, so to replace it with another cookie seems a little strange. It could work if the cookie that is replacing it has a distinct flavour or texture that was vastly different than the wafer and icing it's replacing but in this case it's not. I mean it is a little different, but the chocolate and wafer that remain from the old Kit Kat really cover up this new cookie flavour.

The texture is a little noticeable if you think about it, but I had to eat at least three before I could really tell. Now don't let this review lead you to believe that I didn't like them, in fact I loved them. The chocolate was great; the ratio of both cookies to chocolate was great as always. It's just it wasn't anything bold or different enough to make me want to buy this box of Kit Kat Cookies over just a regular Kit Kat.