Kit Kat "Strawberry Cheesecake"


This is probably the most confusing Kit Kat bar I've ever tried. The biggest problem is my inability to read Japanese. It all started with me sampling one of these bars for review. I was munching on one of these strawberry like Kit Kat bars and looking over the package. I noticed that the package had a picture of some kind of ice cream treat on it, so I assumed that the flavour was some kind of strawberry ice cream. Then after asking a few people, I discovered that the package actually said that the flavour was “strawberry cheesecake”. So, then I was left wondering why there was ice cream, ice cubes, and seals on the package if the flavour was strawberry cheesecake. Eventually I was told that the package suggests eating these Kit Kat chilled. Then I was left with the question, how chilled should they be?

I decided to play it safe and review these Kit Kat bars three different ways, room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen (I left them for 24 hours in both the freezer and the refrigerator). To be honest, the room temperature and refrigerated bars were pretty similar. Other than the fact that the one out of the refrigerator was a little cooler, there was no real difference. The frozen bar on the other hand had a pretty interesting feature about it. Since it was frozen, the flavor didn't come through until it melted in my mouth a bit. So, at first it was kind of flavorless, then suddenly there was a burst of creamy strawberry flavour. I kind of enjoyed the frozen bar the most because of that.

Even though the bars were different temperatures, the flavour was pretty much the same. The flavour was nothing that special, certainly not one of my favorite Kit Kat bar varieties. It was creamy and had a slightly fake strawberry flavour to it. The creamy flavour came from a fairly mediocre white chocolate, and the strawberry wasn't great. It's not horrible or anything, just not worth seeking out.

The only interesting thing about this Kit Kat is the new concept of freezing it. The bar itself isn't anything special.