Kit Kat "Cranberry and Almond"


They say that you eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. It appears that the folks at Nestle want to play with that concept a little bit. Instead of simply blending the almonds and cranberries into this Kit Kat, Nestle has decided to put all of these extra ingredients on top where you can see them. The best thing about this presentation is that you know for sure that this bar has real dried cranberries and almonds in it, and not just flavouring. It’s not a unique concept in the chocolate world, but this is a unique idea for Kit Kat. In some ways it takes the standard Kit Kat and makes it a little classier.

It’s a pretty good bar to eat as well. If I had one complaint, I’d say that it’s a little bit chocolate heavy. They had to add a thick layer of chocolate on the top and take out a layer of wafers in order to hold all of these extra ingredients, and it takes the balance out just a little bit. The cranberry and almond bits are ok, although the almond seems fairly hidden in both taste and texture. The cranberries are a little more predominant with a bit of a chewy texture and very slight flavour. For the most part the chocolate dominates this bar.

I like the idea of this bar, and I would get it again. I’m convinced that the problems with this bar cannot be fixed without losing the whole Kit Kat vibe of the bar. More cranberries and almonds would need more chocolate, and if you added more chocolate, you’d have to have less wafer, and that’s just not a Kit Kat anymore.