Kit Kat Bar "Double Choco and Almond"


This is an interesting attempt on the part of Nestle to combine a Kit Kat bar with a regular chocolate almond bar. It's interesting because they both achieved their goal and failed at the same time. In a strange way both aspects of this bar failed equally, and because of that, in some ways it's actually kind of a success. You do have hints of a Kit Kat bar, and you do have hints of an almond chocolate bar, but you really don't have a full bar either. It just feels like both the almond chocolate bar and the Kit Kat bar don't really combine into something better than their parts.

What I really like about this bar is that they didn't hold back at all, they didn't make this a Kit Kat bar with an almond flavourings. There are real almonds in this bar in a thick layer of chocolate on the top. The pieces of almond are big enough that it gives a little extra almond crunch as well as an almond flavour. There is not doubt that real almonds are in this bar. There's also no doubt that there's hints of Kit Kat bars as well. There are a few of the famous Kit Kat wafers, and the chocolate is on par with what you normally find in a Kit Kat bar. Both of these elements are fine, but for some reason they don't work together.

I feel like there's a little less Kit Kat bar in this bar because it feels like it needs a little more wafer. The chocolate to wafer ratio feels a little off in both flavour and texture. I feel like there's enough almond in this bar, but because of the lack of wafers, it just doesn't feel like it's part of a Kit Kat. To make this bar work, they have to go with another format. To make this bar work Nestle should consider going with a Kit Kat Chunky bar, with an already thicker layer of chocolate all around it. They should also consider taking this Kit Kat Chunky, and put almonds all around the bar, and not just at the top.

This is still a pretty good bar, but something is making it feel like two bars put together, and not just one almond Kit Kat.