Kit Kat "Duo Milk Tea Flavour"


It certainly does taste like milk tea, in fact all I can taste is milk tea. In some ways that should make this bar a success, but I’m still a little disappointed. I’m disappointed because this is not simply a milk tea flavoured Kit Kat bar, this is a Kit Kat “duo” with milk tea flavour. I assumed that this bar was supposed to be both a regular milk chocolate Kit Kat with a top layer of milk tea flavoured chocolate. The problem was apparent the minute I opened up the package as the top layer took up most of the bar.

I was expecting a bar with a nice fifty/fifty split of milk chocolate and milk tea, but that wasn’t the case at all. This seems to echo in the flavour as well, as these pretty much taste just like milk tea, with no hint of milk chocolate at all. My expectations were set for one thing, and I didn’t get it, does that make this a bad bar? Not really, it’s a fine tasting chocolate bar, particularly if you like milk tea. Flavour wise the wafer and milk chocolate are pretty much nonexistent, but the wafers do add to the texture.

This isn’t a bad bar, but I’m still disappointed. I’m disappointed because it feels like the bar was rushed. It feels like there was a problem with either the design of the bar or the execution, yet nobody attempted to fix it. This isn’t something I’m used to dealing with when I’m eating a Kit Kat bar. Normally Kit Kat bars are one of the most well designed bars on the market.