Kit Kat "Gold"


Gold chocolate is a new candy trend that I really don’t understand. There are three main categories of chocolate that most people are familiar with, dark, milk, and white. There’s also the rare rose chocolate, but it’s a bit of an outlier right now. This new gold chocolate variety is something of a mystery to me, and I haven’t really been able to figure out what the gimmick is. I’ve had experience with gold chocolate before, and it hasn’t gone well (you can read about it here). I just can’t figure out what flavour they’re trying to produce with this gold chocolate, and why anybody would want it over milk, white or dark chocolate.

This gold chocolate worked much better than my previous experience, but I’m still not sure what exactly this chocolate is supposed to be like. The gold chocolate in this Kit Kat “Gold” is creamy with a slight caramel flavour. It’s not like white chocolate because it doesn’t have a strong vanilla flavour. It’s also not like milk chocolate because it doesn’t have a cocoa flavour either. It’s kind of unique, but probably closer to a white chocolate than a milk of dark chocolate if I wanted to compare it. I still don't really understand why someone would want this kind of chocolate over white or milk chocolate.

As a Kit Kat bar this one is fine. The ratio of ingredients is perfect, and the quality of the ingredients is also very fine. I think my biggest complaint about this bar is that I really don’t know what it’s trying to achieve. It’s smooth, but not really that flavourful. The flavour that is there is a slight caramel flavour, but it lacks the richness that real caramel offers. To sum it up, this bar tastes good enough, but it’s just a little bit weird.