Kit Kat "Green Tea Ice Cream"


What can I say about this ice cream treat other than it failed on several levels. Some of the failures were likely caused by the fact that this wasn’t the freshest ice cream I’ve ever eaten, but a few of the designs wouldn’t work in the best conditions. It’s too bad because with a little thinking and creativity a green tea Kit Kat ice cream cone could work.

The first flaw for me was with the theming of this cone. It was supposed to be a Kit Kat ice cream cone, but all it was is an ice cream cone with a Kit Kat wedged into it. There was nothing else Kit Kat like about it. The Kit Kat finger wedged into the cone also had a few flaws as well. First off it had zero crunch to it at all, obviously an effect of sitting in the ice cream too long. Secondly it was a milk chocolate Kit Kat finger, why would you do this when Kit Kat makes a green tea Kit Kat bar? A green tea Kit Kat bar just suits the theming so much better.

The ice cream in this frozen treat was also a little disappointing, it was a little too bitter and not creamy enough. I don’t mind green tea ice cream, but it needs to cut the bitterness of the green tea a little to really work. The chocolate in the cone and drizzled chocolate on the top was fairly ineffectual until the last bite at the bottom where it collected into a large lump. The cone was soft, this is the only flaw I’ll say is totally the fault of the people who stored this ice cream and not the fault of the fault of Nestle.

This cone was not great, it wasn’t gross either, but I cannot recommend it to anyone. Maybe Nestle could put a few dollars towards creating a Kit Kat ice cream treat that’s worthy of carrying the name. For now, they just don’t have it.