Kit Kat "Sports Drink"


Now I might be a little off guessing this particular Kit Kat’s flavour, it might not really be a Kit Kat honey (it’s not). I say this because after one bite, all I can really taste is lemon. I only decided to say it was a Kit Kat honey because of the honeycomb pattern on the front of the package. Hmmmm, maybe I should change that title above. There, much better, thank goodness I don't write these on a typewriter.

So, after trying to solve the mystery of what flavour this bar is, what do I think of this new Kit Kat? Well it's ok, it's not spectacular. That’s saying a bit since the original Kit Kat gets the highest score that I’ve ever given on this website. That basically tells me that maybe I'll never have a Kit Kat as good as the original, and maybe even trying other Kit Kats isn't worth it. The thing about this one is I don't think it's the worst one I've ever tried either, it pretty much just is. If you have a complete love of lemons then you might really like this, however I've never really met anybody who loves lemon so much that they think it should be in everything they eat.

So, I guess what I'm saying is I congratulate the folks at Kit Kat for trying to make all kinds of new treats, it's creative and fun for all us candy fanatics out there in the world. I'm also saying that maybe you might want to think and/or plan these new treats a little more thoroughly. Are you aiming low and hoping to hit something original? Because although this isn't bad this isn't great either.

Update: I have just learned the truth. Apparently, this is a Kit Kat Sports Drink. I guess that makes sense.