Kit Kat "Japanese"


Finding the difference between "regular" milk chocolate Kit Kat bars from all over the world can be challenging. There are a few notable bars that seem to have better or worse ingredients, but frankly most of them are very similar, that is with the exception of the Japanese milk chocolate Kit Kat bar.

The bar itself is pretty close to what you get in Canada. The chocolate is nice, and the wafer to chocolate ratio is darn near perfect. In this way it doesn't stand out, however the delivery method of this bar is where things change completely. Right off the bat this bar is very different than most milk chocolate Kit Kat bars because it comes in a box. This may not seem like much, but if you're not eating this bar immediately, it does protect the sticks of chocolate and wafer a little bit. The next difference is obvious when you open up the box. Instead of getting four long fingers attached together, you get three small packages. In each package are two shorter fingers attached to each other.

I have to admit that I like this system, with the protective box and smaller individual packages inside, you can choose to eat a small portion of your Kit Kat bar and then save some for later. Unlike most Kit Kat bars where once you open the package, you're pretty much committed to eating the whole bar. This version is also good for sharing. Instead of breaking off a piece of your bar with your dirty fingers, you can just give your friend(s) one of the small packages.
It really seems like there's a lot of thought put into the design of this bar. It doesn't change the Kit Kat itself, but it can change the way you eat it.