July 2023




Kit Kat Chunky "with Lotus Biscoff"


The picture on the package is a little misleading, or at the very least my mind went a completely different direction than what I was expecting. The difference is that the package features a picture of a Lotus cookie and even the cross section of the candy bar seems to feature crunch bits. This is however not what you’re getting in this bar. Instead you’re getting the now trendy spread, cookie butter. It also goes by many different names depending on where you buy it, but I find that cookie butter is a great name and a great way to describe it to people who’ve never had it before. That’s mostly because it’s essentially crushed up cookies mixed with some other ingredients so you get something with the texture of smooth peanut butter, but the flavour of cookies. While you can have any cookie really, the most common is of the flavour of Lotus cookies.

I would describe Lotus cookies as being similar to gingerbread, but maybe a little sweeter and less spicy. This is all to say that I was thinking that there was going to be cookies in this bar, but instead there was a smooth creamy cookie flavoured butter (although the package claims that the cookies have been “caramelized”). I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this bar, but I was a little disappointed. I feel like a layer of crunchy Lotus cookie would have made for a really interesting Kit Kat bar. The cookie butter version gave a bit of an interesting taste, but took away from the texture a little bit. I’d also say that the flavour of the chocolate and wafers took away from the impact of the cookie flavour.

I didn’t want to be disappointed with this bar, but I kind of was. It wasn’t a huge disappointment, but I really feel like it could have been better. Even if they didn’t put full cookies in this bar, the addition of cookie bits in the cookie butter would have been really great.