Kit Kat "Matcha"


This is a little complicated, this is the 3rd or 4th green tea Kit Kat bar that I've reviewed, but they all seem a little different. A few of them have had other ingredients mixed in with it, like cherry blossoms and red beans. Another had milk chocolate on the outside and a layer of green tea paste on the inside. Yet another was just matcha (green tea in Japanese), but it was specific green tea from the city of Uji. This bar on the other hand doesn't seem to have any particular addition or come from a specific region, it's just "matcha".

This Kit Kat bar is also the closest to actual matcha that I've ever tasted. This is both a good thing and bad thing. Matcha is a particular type of green tea where the tea is ground into a powder and whisked into hot water. Because you actually consume the tea leaves, it makes the tea very strong and very, very bitter. In the past, the Matcha or green tea bars haven't been that bitter, this is because the sweet and creamy chocolate seem to balance it out. For some reason for this bar Nestle decided to give me that more authentic experience. That means that this is one of the most bitter Kit Kat bars that I've ever eaten.

If you're looking for the true matcha experience than this is good news, if you're looking to enjoy a nice sweet treat you might be a little shocked. The bitter isn't impossible to deal with, but I did take a break between each finger of Kit Kat and the bitter flavour does linger a bit after eating the bar.