Kit Kat "White Peach"


There’s something really strange about biting into a bar with the texture of a Kit Kat bar, but the flavour of a Fuzzy Peach gummy. It’s two things I really like, but I’m not sure if they work together. The peach flavour is not subtle at all, as soon as you open the package you can smell peach, and the first bite fills your mouth with peach.

Flavour wise there are two differences these have over Fuzzy Peach gummies worth noting. The first is the creamy flavour giving the strong peach a milky accompaniment. It makes this more of a peaches and cream candy bar than just peach. The other difference these have over Fuzzy Peach gummies is the lack of sour. I think it might be interesting if they actually tried adding a little bit of tartness though. A slight tartness would make it taste more like real peaches, a strong sour would make it taste more like Fuzzy Peach gummies. I think either would work.

This Kit Kat bar is a little strange, but pleasant enough. I’m not sure why these white peach Kit Kat bars are different than regular peach Kit Kat bars, maybe just a different colour chocolate? Nevertheless, it’s a strange flavour, but not too bad at all.