Kit Kat "Potato?"


When it comes to Japanese treats, Kit Kat has really been on a kick lately to produce treats that are just strange. I admire them for the guts to do it; I've always said the candy world needs to be bolder in creating new treats. The thing is there's a line that shouldn't be crossed. The line is simple; don't do different just for the sake of being different, unless that's your thing. So, Kit Kat is being different for the sake of being different your thing? Have you decided that you want to be on the novelty side of the candy world rather than the quality side?

Now my first problem with comparing this treat to the potato dish represented on the package is I'm not too sure I’ve ever tried this potato dish. So, I'm not sure how well it represents it. I'm also not too sure if this particular dish should be represented as a chocolate bar. So, all I can really do is tell you what it tastes like compared to other treats. Basically, it's like a really subtle creamy or white chocolate flavour with a tiny hint of lemon. The wafer to chocolate ratio is as always with Kit Kat, perfect. The subtlety of the flavour is also nice, so I guess it's an ok bar.

The colour, a little yellow, is supposed to represent the potatoes, so I guess that's ok too. I'm just having a hard time figure this snack out. It tastes ok, but without trying the potato I can't tell if it's a novelty success.