Kit Kat "Mango Pudding"


Of all of the Kit Kat's that I have tasted in all of my life up to this point I don't think I've ever seen one this orange. For the most part flavoured Kit Kat's have been either, brown (like chocolate), white, or green. Some have been a little brighter or darker version of these colours but for the most part they all looked pretty similar. This one however is shockingly orange. And with one quick sniff you know the mango flavour is going to be super strong. Actually, to be honest with you I didn't even know it was Mango until I opened it and took a sniff, I thought it was just pudding.

I'm pretty satisfied with the flavour too, actually I should put that a different way. I'm satisfied that the flavour is in fact mango pudding, I'm not really blown away by how good it is. It tastes ok, but it's just not the greatest flavour when you put it with the Kit Kat wafers. I would have been happy with just a nice smooth mango pudding chocolate, putting wafers in it only takes away from a smooth feeling one would expect with this flavour.

This puts this bar in a really odd place. While the chocolate was certainly pudding flavoured, and represented the treat, the wafers didn’t. However, if you take away the wafers it’s no longer a Kit Kat. Maybe this flavour just wasn't meant for Kit Kat.