Kit Kat "Raspberry"


I don't think I could honestly say that this is the best Kit Kat bar I've ever eaten, but I can tell you that I like it a lot. It's a risky idea, putting two of my favourite foods together. After all Kit Kat is one, if not the favourite bar of the Candy Critic, and raspberries are my favourite berry, maybe even my favourite fruit. The problem with combining these two foods is that I'm going to be extra picky about both. I'm going to look for everything I love about Kit Kats and everything I love about raspberries at the same time. This can be an issue when sometimes what I love about one food is in exact conflict with something I love about another food. This is likely why I've never tried to make chocolate pierogi.

While I can't say that this bar managed to combine both of these two foods perfectly, they did do a really good job. The Kit Kat in this case plays the role of the texture. You pretty much get what you'd expect from a Kit Kat texture wise, crunchy center and smooth chocolate outside. The raspberry is mainly found in the flavour of this bar, and it's a pretty good representation. The highlight is the slight tart flavour that sneaks up on you, just like a real raspberry.

The only real failure in this bar is from the white chocolate. It adds a creaminess to the flavour that kind of ruins the raspberry. Not that I don't like raspberries and cream, it's just this cream is a little too powerful. While it's a minor problem, it does knock this bar down just a bit. I don't think it would improve this bar that much, but I would really like to try a raspberry Kit Kat made with milk or dark chocolate instead.