Kit Kat "Sake"


I'm not sure that most food companies understand why people consume alcohol. While I think there are a very few people in the world who enjoy alcohol for the flavour, I think the vast majority enjoy alcohol for the buzz. I don't think that food companies understand this because they keep making foods that taste like booze, but don't have any of the side effects. This is where this Kit Kat bar fits in perfectly.

The minute you open the package you get a very boozy smell. It's a smell that hits you and makes you wonder if they actually may have soaked a Kit Kat bar in Sake. The strange thing is that the first thing I got when I bit into it was white chocolate and cherries. It takes a few crunches and then you get that boozy flavour in the back of your throat and through your nose. You never seem to taste the booze, but you can certainly smell it. It's not a horrible flavour, either the white chocolate and cherry or the boozy aftertaste. I'm just not sure if I could say that I really love it either.

This is certainly a fairly creative flavour idea. I'm not sure how well they pulled off the sake experience, but they did make an okay bar. It might have been better if it wasn't so creamy, if the booze and cherry flavour could have been brought forward a little more. Even better though would have been to go a completely different direction. Why not make a sake that tastes like Kit Kat bars, instead of Kit Kat bars that taste like sake? That would have been something really creative and different, I don't drink so I don't know if I would have ever tried it, but I would have given them big points for creativity.