December 2022

Kit Kat "Merry Breakmas"


There is so much going on this this bar that I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll go with the package and then break it down. The box is a handsome box that opens up into a nice little holiday card that eventually opens again and reveals your candy bars. The fact that not one part of this box mentions Christmas is a little weird, mostly considering they’re selling Santa Clause shaped candy. If you dig a little deeper you’ll realize that the box was made in Thailand, but the little chocolate Santas are made in Australia. I get it, it’s a distribution thing, and it makes sense I guess. I feel like it’s something that the average person may not notice, but when you’re writing a review and you have to put a country or origin in your review, and this makes it a little complicated.

Packages aside this bar presents a second problem that I feel might affect your opinion of this bar. It stems from the name that’s plastered all over packages, Kit Kat. In my opinion, Kit Kat is a long candy bar with wafers in the centre. These little Santas could be considered long, I guess, but after that the similarity ends. What you have is beautifully smooth chocolate that seems to cover a slightly softer chocolate centre where you’ll find the occasional ball of crunchiness. The little balls of crunchiness could be considered similar to the wafers in flavour and texture, but as far as shape and quantity they’re nothing alike. One of the packages even says that these are “now, extra crispy”, and I don’t buy it. While the balls are nice and crispy, they’re really aren’t that many of them, and nowhere near enough to make up for the constant crunch you get with a regular Kit Kat wafer.

I guess what I’m saying it, these little chocolate Santas are cute, really smooth, and very tasty, but they’re not Kit Kat bars at all. I feel like they’re a treat on their own, but being sold as a Kit Kat related bar. I guess the Kit Kat brand is big enough that if you want to sell more chocolate Santas it’s worth labelling them as a Kit Kat. While I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with these little Santas, I do think you might be surprised at how little it feels like a Kit Kat bar.