Kit Kat "Senses Hazelnut"


I'm a little confused about the name of this bar, more to the point I'm confused about the word "senses". I don't really understand what makes this "senses" bar any different than a regular Kit Kat. Are they using higher quality ingredients, is this just what they call flavoured Kit Kats where I bought this (India), or is this the label they put on certain flavours that they deem to be fancier? The package looks a little fancier, with the green and gold, as well as the cursive writing of the word "senses". The photo of the hazelnut is also pretty fancy as well. The thing is, the bar itself seems pretty regular.

Don't get me wrong, the chocolate in this bar is fantastic, but many countries use high quality chocolate for their Kit Kat bars (some countries use better chocolate than others). The hazelnut flavour is also really nice, it's smooth and blends perfectly with the chocolate. I'm just not sure if I would say that this bar is vastly higher quality than what I would expect from a regular Kit Kat hazelnut bar.

There are a few abnormalities with this bar that I might consider lower quality as well. First of all, there's no trace of actual hazelnuts anywhere in this bar. It tastes of hazelnut, but Nutella tastes of hazelnut too, and I wouldn't call that classy. There also seems to be fewer wafers in this bar, and that really messes with Kit Kats already perfect texture balance. While I always like chocolate, the wafers feel missed. Not that it's a bad thing really, but it looks like some of the wafers might be chocolate flavoured, I'm not sure why you would do this.

This is a fine bar, and the chocolate has a great hazelnut flavour. This bar could be improved if they just made it a bit more like a normal Kit Kat, but with some hazelnuts in the chocolate. I'm also very puzzled by the whole "senses" thing.