Kit Kat "Malaysia"


If I had to rate this Kit Kat, compared to other milk chocolate Kit Kat bars, I would say it falls under the British and Canadian, but above the American. That really isn’t saying anything that bad about this bar, as it’s still very good and only a small step down from the Canadian version. The place where the score falls down comes from the quality of the chocolate. While the package claims that it’s creamier and chocolatier, that’s likely only relative to the previous Malaysian versions of this bar. I don’t think you could argue that this bar is creamier or chocolatier than the British or even the Canadian version of the Kit Kat bar. The chocolate is just a little bit waxy, and more noticeably the flavour isn’t as strong as the other versions. Again, if you ate this bar you probably wouldn’t mind it, but if you ate it with one of the better versions next to it, you’d probably see what I’m talking about.

The one thing this bar has over the other bars is a small twinge of nostalgia. It comes not from the bar itself, but the package. The Malay version of the Kit Kat bar is packaged in a similar way to the way I remember Kit Kat bars being packaged when I was a kid. At a certain point chocolate bars in most western countries dropped the foil wrappers and went entirely plastic. This bar on the other had still has the foil (as well as some kind of white paper), with a paper wrapper around the foil. It’s not exactly the same as the package I had as a kid, but it’s similar enough to bring back memories.

You won’t be disappointed with this bar, and if you think the package is cool/retro it’s well worth getting. Any gripe I have with this bar is very minor, and likely the changes are only done because these bars are sold in warmer climates.