Kit Kat "Strawberry Cheesecake"


This is not the first strawberry Kit Kat that I've ever tried, it's not even the first strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat that I've ever tried. To this date I've had two strawberry Kit Kat bars and one other strawberry cheesecake. I have to be honest, I'm getting a little sick of strawberry Kit Kat bars. I checked the reviews of the other versions of this bar and for the most part it seems like I'm eating the same bar over and over again with a new package.

The disappointment is that I think a strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat could be done, and done much better than both examples (and particularly this one) that I've sampled. It would be very simple.

The strawberry flavour is fine, it's super sweet, but most strawberry cheesecakes use a super sweet strawberry sauce to flavour them. The problems happen when we look at the other two elements represented in a cheesecake. The white chocolate that Nestle uses for this bar is way too sweet, and not cheese-like enough. I think you could fix this by making the white chocolate just very slightly tart. The bigger problem for me however is the lack of crust. To fix this you could either give the wafers a slightly buttery flavour, or just add a thin layer of gram cracker crust to this bar.

I'm getting tired of eating this same bar with little changes and no improvements. If you like strawberries than I would say this bar is worth trying. If you've had a strawberry Kit Kat in the past, I'd say that it's worth skipping.