Kit Kat "Wa-Ichigo"


When I first got this Kit Kat bar (it was a gift from a Japanese friend), I wasn't sure if I was going to review it or not. I've already reviewed a strawberry Kit Kat before, and I thought that this would be the same. Before writing it off completely, I decided to do a little research on the subject. The first thing that I thought odd was the name of this bar "Wa-Ichigo", so I looked it up. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it did lead me to an article that described this Kit Kat as a bar made from famous strawberries in Japan. Already this made me think I should review this bar. Then I checked my old Kit Kat strawberry review and I discovered that this bar looks different than the western Kit Kat strawberry bar I had already reviewed. So here I am, reviewing another strawberry Kit Kat bar because I feel it's different enough.

We'll start with the obvious differences between this bar and the other strawberry Kit Kat bars. First of all, the bar itself, in this case, is pink. The other strawberry Kit Kat bar looked just like a classic Kit Kat and the only strawberry to be found was in the flavour. The second difference comes from what I wrote in the other review. It appears that the strawberry flavour in the other strawberry Kit Kat review wasn't that strong, this Kit Kat is very different. Once you open the package you smell strawberry, when you bite into it, it's all strawberry.

Objectively I would say that this is a much better Kit Kat strawberry variation, but I think it could be better. The main thing about this bar is that it tastes more like strawberries and cream, than strawberries. I've tasted a few chocolate bars (even Kit Kat bars) that when doing a berry flavoured bar, they add a little tartness to it. This makes it taste a lot more like a berry, and balances out the sweetness really well. I think this bar could use that, a little tart. The strawberry pink chocolate in this bar is really smooth, and the flavour of the wafers are just a light accent both in taste and texture. This is a fine example of a strawberry bar even though it’s not perfect, and well worth trying if you can find one.