Kit Kat "Iyokan"


This isn’t the first orange Kit Kat I’ve ever tried, but it is the orangiest. Normally orange Kit Kat bars taste like milk chocolate with a hint of orange, but these taste more like an orange candy, with the texture of a Kit Kat bar. There’s even that slightly bitter aftertaste in this bar similar to the one you get when you’re eating an orange. It’s a fairly intense orange taste, and might not be for everyone, particularly if you don’t like oranges or citrus fruit.

I should actually be a little more specific with the flavour, it certainly is more mandarin orange or tangerine than your classic orange flavour. That makes sense since the Iyokan is actually a hybrid of these two citrus fruits. I find these two citrus fruits have a sweeter flavour in real life, with only a hint of sour at the end, much like this bar. So, I guess what I’m saying is that flavour wise this bar succeeds in tasting like what I’d imagine an Iyokan would taste like.

The thing is, I’m not sure if it works perfectly as a chocolate bar. In fact, I would say that this Kit Kat is really only a chocolate bar in texture alone. It falls more into the candy bar realm because it tastes like you’re eating a candy with a really weird texture. It’s funny, I still can’t decide if this is a failure or not.