Kit Kat "Toffee Treat"


The classic Kit Kat bar is one of my favourite chocolate bars in the world. I get a little flak from people when I say this because many people wonder how a bar that's so common could rank so high on my list. The thing is there's a reason you can find the Kit Kat bar in just about any store anywhere in the world, it's very popular, for good reason. My love of Kit Kat always makes writing reviews for variations of this bar rather difficult, it's already great in my opinion, so why change it? This particular Kit Kat bar is a great example of a different bar that isn't bad, but doesn't hold up to the original.

The thing that makes the original Kit Kat bar work well is the perfect ratio of chocolate to wafer, in both taste and texture. This bar's flaw is in the flavour area. While the texture is the same, the "toffee" flavour is really weak. I did smell it a bit after taking a bite, but had it not said toffee on the package, I wouldn't have known what flavour they were going for. This lack of flavour in the chocolate coating does make the wafer more flavourful, but it destroys the original Kit Kat perfect flavour ratio of chocolate to wafer.

This bar is far from being a bad candy bar, but as a concept it fails pretty badly. I think if Nestlé wanted to make this work, real toffee would have been a better way to go. You could put toffee in between the wafers, or maybe eliminated a few of the top wafers and replaced them with a crunchy toffee instead.