November 2023

Kit Kat "Vegan"


I would imagine the goal of this candy bar is not to surpass the original, but instead offer the exact same treat only vegan. I’ll say right off the bat, this is not as good as many of the milk chocolate Kit Kat bars I’ve had in the past. I would say that it ranks somewhere near the lower quality Kit Kat bars, or even somewhere around the higher quality fake Kit Kat bars. The main problem is the lack of smoothness that the milk provides.

To compensate it feels like Nestle might have added a little more sugar. I’m not sure what they used to substitute the milk, but I feel like it just doesn’t deliver the same creaminess or the ability to smooth out the bitterness of the chocolate. Using sugar is a fine tool for doing this, but the cost is that you end up with a bar that doesn’t melt well and tastes a little too sweet.

Don’t let any of this frighten you off this bar if you’re eating vegan and want to taste a Kit Kat, either because you’ve never tried one or if your haven’t had one in a while. I imagine that most people would say that this bar is almost identical, and my opinion is from the point of view of someone who’s over analyzing this. The only reason you might want to skip this bar is if you’re in Europe (the place where some of the best Kit Kat bars are made) and you’re not a vegan.